Average Billing Plan

    Ark Valley offers an Average Billing Plan for paying residential energy bills. At the request of any qualified residential consumer with 11 months history, the company will calculate the average bill based on current rate schedules, projected power for the current month and the preceding eleven months. This average will be the first payment under the plan. At the next billing period, the earliest month will be dropped, the latest month will be added and the total divided by 12 months and a new average will be found. The bills will be calculated each month in this manner. Adjustments in the calculations may be made to spread any significant over or under payments. Minor monthly variations, upward or downward, may result from rate increase, fluctuations in power, addition of appliances, variations in usage and weather conditions. The Average Billing Plan will minimize large changes because of the way it averages the bill.

Conditions of Budget Payment Plan:

The Customer shall be entitled to receive electric service under the Average Billing Plan provided Customer shall agree:

      (a) to pay each monthly installment on or before the due date thereof,

      (b) to pay the late payment charge provided in these Rules and Regulations if a bill becomes delinquent,

      (c) that failure to pay any monthly installment on or before the delinquent date shall be cause for termination by the Cooperative of the Average Billing Plan with respect to Customer, in addition to other remedies permitted by these Rules and Regulations,

      (d) that the estimate shall apply only to the premises then occupied by Customer and that if such premises are vacated during the period covered by said estimate, the Average Billing Plan with respect to Customer shall immediately terminate,

      (e) that if the Average Billing Plan is terminated, any amount of amounts payable by or due to Customer on account of the metered service during the period covered by the Plan shall be billed or credited to Customer at once,

      (f) that until terminated by either party, the Average Billing Plan will be renewed auto matically,

      (g) that the Average Billing Plan may be periodically reviewed by the Cooperative and the monthly installment payment shall be revised if it appears at any time on review that the debit or credit balance at the end of the contract period will sub stantially exceed the estimate,

      (h) that the difference between the accumulated total amount of the Customer’s bill ings determined by metered usage, and the accumulated total of the amounts paid before the final month of the contract period shall be charged or credited, as the case may be, to the service bill for the final month of such contract period which shall be subject to current settlement before the start of the next contract period.

If you are interested and meet the specifications in the above plan, the Ark Valley Electric office will need to have a completed contract with your signature before you can begin the plan.