Ark Valley offers these heat pump rebates to its qualified members: 

Geothermal Heat Pump Rebate:

  • $125 per every half-ton
  • Open Loop - must have a minimum COP of 3.6 and a minimum EER of 16.2
  • Closed Loop - must have a minimum COP of 3.3 and a minimum EER of 14.1 

Also, receive a lower electric rate - compare the single phase rate to the geothermal heat pump rate.

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Air Source Heat Pump Rebate:

  • $50 per half-ton for a 14.5 SEER
  • $75 per half-ton for a 16 SEER
  • $100 per half-ton for a 17 SEER and above
  • Must be Energy Star certified


Guidelines to Qualify for Rebate:  

  1. Must be installed on Ark Valley’s line
  2. Must be permanently installed
  3. Uses for heat pumps other than heating and cooling of residential, commercial, or industrial will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  4. Installation must be verified
  5. Will need proof of purchase

To print the rebate form, click here.