Are you considering investing in solar or wind generation?  Here are some important details to know.

  • Co-op members who are interested in distributed generation systems for their home or business should contact Ark Valley Electric first. We want to inform you of our requirements so you can choose a system that includes the safety and power quality components necessary to keep you, co-op crews, and members of the community safe. If a storm hits and a power outage occurs, for example, distributed generation systems must be able to properly disconnect from the electric grid to ensure lineworkers are not injured or electrocuted while restoring power.

  • Members should complete an approved application from Ark Valley before a purchase is made or construction begins. The applicable processing fee and deposit are also due at that time.  The application can be found here.     

  • An interconnection agreement must be reviewed and signed before your distributed generation system is connected to the electric grid. The agreement is intended to ensure safe, reliable and quality electric service for all. The agreement can be found here.
  • In addition to safety concerns, members who are interested in distributed generation systems should be aware of the applicable metering rates. When grid-connected systems generate more electricity than you can use, the excess electricity is fed back into the grid and used elsewhere. This means your utility bill will be adjusted to reflect the additional power your system provided. Ark Valley does not utilize net metering so we buy back your excess electricity at the rate of 150% of the wholesale monthly system average cost of energy per kilowatt-hour.